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Original animation by HORNSTROMP
*What is brawl stars game?*
Brawl Stars is a multiplayer online battle arena and third-person hero shooter game where players battle against other players in multiple game modes. Players can choose between characters called Brawlers that they have unlocked through Boxes, the Brawl Pass, the Trophy Road, or purchased through the Shop to use in battles.
Brawl Stars has a variety of different game modes that players can choose from, each one having a different objective.
In addition, it is possible to purchase Skins with Gems or Star Points, or unlock them through the Brawl Pass, which will alter the appearance, animations, and/or sounds of Brawlers.
In addition to a Brawler’s main attack ability, they have three other abilities.
As Brawlers deal damage to enemy Brawlers, they build up their special ability, called a Super. Each Brawler has their own Super ability, which can, for example, create a shield (Rosa), spawn a cannon (Penny), or fire a barrage of rockets (Brock). A damage dealing Super will charge up the next Super if it hits enemies.
Star Powers
Each Brawler also has unlockable passive abilities called Star Powers, which can be found in Boxes, or inside the Shop once the Brawler reaches power level 9. Earning a Star Power increases the Brawler’s level to power level 10. Damage-dealing Star Powers cannot directly charge a Brawler’s Super, but they can make charging a Super easier, like Tick's Automa-Tick Reload Star Power which allows him to attack more frequently, or Nita's Hyper Bear Star Power, which allows her bear to attack faster, charging her Super faster if the bear is targeting an enemy brawler.
Furthermore, Brawlers have unlockable abilities called Gadgets. Gadgets were added to the game on March 17th, 2020. A Brawler’s Gadget appears in Boxes and in the Shop once that Brawler reaches power level 7. These abilities are, once unlocked, usable two or three times per match depending on the Gadget and are activated by pressing the Gadget button.
Gems are the premium currency which can be purchased with real money or obtained through the Brawl Pass. Gems can be used to purchase Skins, Coins, Name Changes, Brawlers, Token Doublers, Boxes, and the premium Brawl Pass. All players have the free Brawl Pass by default.
There are three types of Boxes. The standard-sized Brawl Boxes are the most basic. Big Boxes have three times the rewards of the standard Brawl Boxes. Mega Boxes have ten times the rewards of the standard Brawl Boxes. Boxes can be obtained through purchasing them in the Shop with Gems or Star Points. They can also be obtained through the Trophy Road or Brawl Pass.
In May 2020, a game update added a new reward system called “Brawl Pass”. The Brawl Pass is the game’s version of a battle pass. When players compete in battles, they earn “Tokens”. Players can earn Boxes, Gems, Skins, Pins (emojis that can be used during battles or in a team game room), Coins, and Brawlers. All players have the free Brawl Pass by default. Players can purchase the premium Brawl Pass with Gems.
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    • 1:19 wiggle wiggle neko bae😻😹😸😺😼😼😻😻😻😺😸😹😺😹😸😸😸😹😹

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    • Please neko bea in New animations

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  • Why tara get 8+ not 10+

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  • But she do be vibing 1:18

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  • Neko bea 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Im a brawn stars friends squeq pass gems 296

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  • Wtf wite neko bea

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  • Wow excelent

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  • Neko bea is so funny

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  • 0:05 when I'm going to do angry animation:

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  • Corte quando o desenho começa por causa que tava jogando Brawl Stars encontrei você é alguém aí junto com você que eu esqueci Quem era você é completamente tava usando um corpo de pistoleiro então e sua mãe história baseada na minha estava tentando liberar os e todo mundo me matava então está demitido

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  • 1:18 i cat stop replaying it (unfunny)

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  • 0:39 bea appears two ime archvillan bea and neko bea

  • 1:52 cat fly

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  • 1:19 Bea cute dance

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  • 0:17 HOLYWELL (again...)

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  • Horns tromp this dint, make science speak one shots

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  • Your ruining neko bea for me

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  • I Wanna chat with squeak

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    • Neko Bea : use fuwy swipes

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  • Cat bea is cute

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  • Ok, but who #1?

    FLT • SsʟᴇᴇʀᴏʀᴇsFLT • SsʟᴇᴇʀᴏʀᴇsPřed 21 dnem
  • 2:08 coin of death

    RAFAH RichAwesomeFamous&HandsomeRAFAH RichAwesomeFamous&HandsomePřed 21 dnem
  • I am not going to buy that kat dkin of bee

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    • @Hornstromp Series пажалуйста😇

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  • 2:14 Tara is soo Bad😡

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  • 0:00 Hornstromp make Darryl as his best drawing 😱😱

    Corny Tom - origami tutorials,animations, and more!Corny Tom - origami tutorials,animations, and more!Před 23 dny
  • Gente a Bia gata é muito engraçada 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    • Pretty cute, do you think?

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  • Where is clash royale animation??? Where?

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  • Squeek is goona be the most cute bralwer

    • @RAFAH RichAwesomeFamous&Handsome soo true.. look at his face :3

    • He already is lol

      RAFAH RichAwesomeFamous&HandsomeRAFAH RichAwesomeFamous&HandsomePřed 21 dnem
    • Yes

      skid:3skid:3Před 22 dny
  • Tara has +8 = 2nd but who is the 1st

    Gene pro 210Gene pro 210Před 23 dny
  • Sqeuk Voice is two sweet and cute 😀❤️🔥

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  • Beko bea cool!😍😍

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  • 0:25 cute scene

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  • edgar surge sandy amber and ruff where

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  • What!? 1:19

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  • 1:41 WTF hahahha


  • 0:57 wait uh ... what's Tara flirting with Belle ??...

    peppermintpeppermintPřed 24 dny
    • Those 2 have relationships

      Syuhael Ail AbdadSyuhael Ail AbdadPřed 19 dny
  • Nise xd

    Diana EsquivelDiana EsquivelPřed 24 dny
  • Squeak is cute 😍😍😍 0:25 i like this face 😍😍😍

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  • S

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    • Hornstromp SeriesHornstromp SeriesPřed 24 dny
  • Оруууууу

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  • Wow that boy tara is very cool

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  • 1:49 Real cat Bea runing


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    • @Jesus Jesus ?

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    • 1:57 hugs cute!!!

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  • I want movie

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  • Squeak said ooo what that

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  • Hey Hornstromp why for TOP1 8 trophies, if for TOP1 you receive 10?

    TakedowneRTakedowneRPřed 24 dny
  • Wtf como bea .-.

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