Rick and Morty All Season 4 After Credits Scenes UNCUT

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  • young dumb and orbiting a sun.... omg the comedy is so far in the future

    Munchi Skate CoMunchi Skate CoPřed dnem
  • Goomby should be invited to a lot of Christmas parties, he's done so much for people🎅

    Savaanah TrickSavaanah TrickPřed dnem
  • Its a-good a-show 👌🏼👨‍🍳

    mycosicmycosicPřed dnem
  • Why does the talking cat have that “Florida pedophile” voice tho.

    AnimatorsruleAnimatorsrulePřed 5 dny
  • Oops there’s a hole in my ozone

    Daniel StewartDaniel StewartPřed 6 dny
  • Until the part with train this was messed up

    jack levesquejack levesquePřed 7 dny
  • Do you think they want us to buy the train?🤔

    Uszkai EszterUszkai EszterPřed 7 dny
  • The Johnny Carson bit had me pissing my pants with laughter holy shit

    Irish HuskyIrish HuskyPřed 9 dny
  • This isn't uncut. Couldn't even say cum gutters without being bleeped.

    DarkseanyDarkseanyPřed 11 dny
  • 0:02 Gen-Z girls be like

    Job CelisJob CelisPřed 11 dny
  • Aww you cut off Jerry's invisible garbage truck adventures!

    M. ierardiM. ierardiPřed 11 dny
  • Rick gave the phrase "Fuck the Planet" a whole new meaning.

    Max KrujatzMax KrujatzPřed 12 dny
  • Please tell me they actually have the story train

    Seymour SkinnerSeymour SkinnerPřed 13 dny
  • Fun fact : the person who voiced the cat is the same voice actor as simba

    Seymour SkinnerSeymour SkinnerPřed 13 dny
  • RIP Mike Mendel

    Seymour SkinnerSeymour SkinnerPřed 13 dny
  • I need a story train

    Atticus KennonAtticus KennonPřed 13 dny
  • Always loved the Mike Mendel bit, so innocent with the dog but so much more with the door

    Daniel MccaffreyDaniel MccaffreyPřed 14 dny
  • "Ugh I want you to split my Pangea into distinct continents." 😩😂

    Dustin CarronDustin CarronPřed 15 dny
  • That dog one :((((((

    giant taco godgiant taco godPřed 15 dny
  • 0:28 well at least now he isn't going to think about her anymore

    juan igjuan igPřed 15 dny
  • "Young, dumb and orbiting a sun"

    Lord DoomeLord DoomePřed 16 dny
  • 4:33

    1 Forest 11 Forest 1Před 17 dny
  • Lol the first one is the episode where Morty has that crystal that lets him see the future and he thinks hes married his crush whose waiting by his bed side as hes old and dying but shes only working in a hospice.

    Mike OxmallMike OxmallPřed 17 dny
  • PlanetsOnly was by far the best bit out of all the after credits scenes. My sides almost left orbit over the "hole in my ozone" joke.

    DieNextInLINEDieNextInLINEPřed 18 dny
  • Some sexy planets out there

    Shaun VictoryShaun VictoryPřed 18 dny
  • Man that jezus christ part had me laughing out loud, and I was lisyening at work...

    InfernoReviewsInfernoReviewsPřed 18 dny
  • There no train to buy it is linked to a-s

    ArchNikiArchNikiPřed 19 dny
  • The acid makes me cry every time

    Michael ManningMichael ManningPřed 19 dny
  • Young, dumb and orbiting the Sun. ahaha

    Thresh PrinceThresh PrincePřed 19 dny
  • I love how the Vanity card just occasionally seeps into the video

    Evil ChildEvil ChildPřed 20 dny
  • 6:53 so that’s why

    CathorsisCathorsisPřed 20 dny
  • 3:41 best one lmao

    Glitched _ AlexGlitched _ AlexPřed 20 dny
  • well i see that great big santa claus beard mr.Poopybutthole was gonna grow didn't happen.

    bobbobPřed 21 dnem
  • Bee keeping age 😂

    Kevin YuKevin YuPřed 21 dnem
  • Poopy butthole always brings a smile to my face. Ooo weee.

    Travis KeenaTravis KeenaPřed 21 dnem
  • The planets only bit feels like a reference to lordminion777 and his subscriptions bit from the podcast. Cousins only, turnips only, planets only...

    creepazecreepazePřed 21 dnem

    Joeseph KerrJoeseph KerrPřed 22 dny
  • I cant help but to think if the cat is from half cat and half-human....

    Nur MusfirahNur MusfirahPřed 22 dny
  • Rick thinks Summer ruined the premiere but no it was Jessica that ruined the hole damn thing.

    DreMan710DreMan710Před 22 dny
  • Fk Mike mendal🤣🤣

    Bob GnarleyBob GnarleyPřed 22 dny
  • I wanna buy the train.

    Hudson MarshallHudson MarshallPřed 22 dny
  • The clumsy icebreaker externally earn because mountain actually squeeze among a fabulous place. halting, bumpy airship

    amanda Algherwiamanda AlgherwiPřed 22 dny
  • Rip Mike mendel

    JeeblezJeeblezPřed 22 dny
  • Only fans more like Only planets

    KotoKotoPřed 23 dny
  • i hope we find out more about the cat eventually ;)

    WilliamWilliamPřed 23 dny
  • Groovy.

    Basement DwellerBasement DwellerPřed 24 dny
  • 1:10 his cap kinda looks like dippers

    The anteger YtThe anteger YtPřed 24 dny
  • time to rewatch Rick and Morty

    Self MadeSelf MadePřed 24 dny
  • There’s a hole in my ozone

    yoyoPřed 25 dny
  • Fuck....Jerry is so pathetic.

    DwayneHicks426DwayneHicks426Před 25 dny
  • how sexual can planet be

    KaffkaKaffkaPřed 26 dny
  • I can't believe the planets legit got me hard

    TekTyrantTekTyrantPřed 26 dny

    Affe GpusAffe GpusPřed 27 dny
  • The nervous hardboard anteriorly practise because south america extragingivally attempt underneath a disastrous spike. gaping, needless stinger

    Henry MendozaHenry MendozaPřed 27 dny
  • Why did jerry just wanna drink Tapatio?

    Vlad UncoveredVlad UncoveredPřed 28 dny
  • The best one IMO is the first one. Morty: WHAT THE FUCK!!

    Ross The BossRoss The BossPřed 28 dny
  • Jessica is pretty fucked up for wanting that

    Ron VillanovaRon VillanovaPřed 28 dny
  • They clearly sub marine into ricks private commode so they can meet mr poopy buttholes family

    Meth Ean Tich RistMeth Ean Tich RistPřed 29 dny
  • "what cover me in gasoline and spiders, I'm in."

    marie ledouxmarie ledouxPřed 29 dny
  • “There’s a hole in my ozone. Did you put it there??”

    DaFluffySealDaFluffySealPřed 29 dny
  • planets only ;)

    //呪術廻戦//呪術廻戦Před 29 dny
  • Tapatio doesn't go in the fridge Jerry, it's hot sauce.

    Joe CrossleyJoe CrossleyPřed 29 dny
    • Red hot needs to be refrigerated after opening, so does tobasco. Being a hot sauce doesn’t mean you don’t need to refrigerate it

      KillerGnomesKillerGnomesPřed 26 dny
  • damn

    Poop HiPoop HiPřed měsícem
  • Marvel end credit scenes: thrilling and shocking Rick and morty end credit scenes: dumb but worth it

    Itz_matt_boiItz_matt_boiPřed měsícem
    • @Eclairus Virus Some of them are enjoyable but Im sure none of them are great or breathtaking.

      JEpronukeJEpronukePřed 8 dny
    • @JEpronuke That's not your opinion dawg that's the truth. Only 5-14 year olds or an age demographic similar to that can "enjoy" marvel movies.

      Eclairus VirusEclairus VirusPřed 8 dny
    • @Itz_matt_boi As someone who watched the entire mcu until endgame,its not funny thrilling nor shocking since its always the same dumb formula. But thats just imo

      JEpronukeJEpronukePřed 22 dny
    • @JEpronuke you’re right, there are some of them that are funny

      Itz_matt_boiItz_matt_boiPřed 22 dny
    • yeah right "thrilling and shocking"

      JEpronukeJEpronukePřed 22 dny
  • Operation heist

    IdK_BoI8IdK_BoI8Před měsícem
  • Watching these without seeing the show, so I got no context and wtf????

    EnderJammerEnderJammerPřed měsícem
  • We should have another episode of planets only….. for irony of course

    maxboomaxbooPřed měsícem
  • 5:19

  • Man, the mike mendel one was pretty brutal…..

    Humpty DumptyHumpty DumptyPřed měsícem
  • Yeah, I could never get into this show. It’s just…too wacky and weird for me. I’d get lost trying to follow the lore. 😒

    Isiah SpeicherIsiah SpeicherPřed měsícem
  • What is that thing you put After every trailer please stop

    Ryan CraigRyan CraigPřed měsícem
  • Everybody has a red headed Jessica in their life at one point or another who they wanna bang but can never quite succeed. You should never take love for granite.

    Keith BecknellKeith BecknellPřed měsícem
  • I like the bit with Rik and Morty....

    foot longfoot longPřed měsícem
  • Why is Morty doing that Rubix Cube so angrily

    Hey WhatupHey WhatupPřed měsícem
  • Dude thats life, its all a scam nothing has meaning

    Vongola14thVongola14thPřed měsícem
  • 📺

    Enderboy 64Enderboy 64Před měsícem
  • Ye💛😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒💛💛💛😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒💛💛💛😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

    Yeneyra DominguezYeneyra DominguezPřed měsícem
  • I love them chillin on the roof

    Magic CookiesMagic CookiesPřed měsícem
  • The planet one is…Frightening…

    CozyPandaCozyPandaPřed měsícem
  • damn that quality the worst thing I've seen in my life

    VaduzzVaduzzPřed měsícem
  • He's obviously bee keeping age.

    peoplewhoplaygamespeoplewhoplaygamesPřed měsícem
  • mmmhmmm

    JODplayerJODplayerPřed měsícem
  • Man at the end there, Jerry's "euh" really got me. Classic Jerry's trademark "euh"

    Bowl o' NailsBowl o' NailsPřed měsícem
  • The person saying "split my pangea into distinct continents" is definitely another rick.

    Joe KinnearJoe KinnearPřed měsícem
  • 4:48 is the best thing ever

    Material DustyMaterial DustyPřed měsícem
  • How many planet is rick gonna f

    grant smithgrant smithPřed měsícem
  • UwU

    Goth boyGoth boyPřed měsícem
  • Who else got a Rick and morty ad before this

    Kaeden MondayKaeden MondayPřed měsícem
  • If you you carefully you cane see that morty made a dick the time it was at was 1:48

    Uni, the Unicorn Girl  Uni, the Unicorn Girl Před měsícem
  • I love after 4 seasons that the crack in the driveway from Rick’s party in season one is still there lmao

    Eric KwonEric KwonPřed měsícem
  • 0:47 ayyy it’s the pass the butter robot lol idk why Jerry puts a robot in the frig, it doesn’t have expire date

    Mad TitanMad TitanPřed měsícem
  • "Morty, Next Time, Stay In The Car" *Proceeds To Rock His Grandsons Shit*

    Flqre_OriginFlqre_OriginPřed měsícem
  • R.I.P. Mile Mendel

    The Corn-CobThe Corn-CobPřed měsícem
  • Planets only❤️

    Shivansh SahuShivansh SahuPřed měsícem
  • What’s uncut about this ?

    Keith HarrisonKeith HarrisonPřed měsícem
  • Buy it! Look it up! It's Real! It's there! Buy it!. We Want you to buy the Train! Also I like skinny Terrestrial planets with giant atmospheres. (i just can't say it without it somehow sounding filthy)

    XurrealXurrealPřed měsícem
  • 6:18 Have you heard of onlyCans by chance

    Secret Agent KarveSecret Agent KarvePřed měsícem
  • 5:19 she was right me too

    CatboyotakuCatboyotakuPřed měsícem
  • Hey not ganna bro

    b o n e sb o n e sPřed měsícem
  • Oh no… not FLORIDA.

    Kole KoesterKole KoesterPřed měsícem