Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Drop Test!

27. 01. 2021
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Battle of the titans! Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra durability drop test w/ Gorilla Glass Victus vs iPhone 12 Pro Max's Ceramic Crystal! Which glass is best?
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  • As someone who doesn't have an iPhone but already wish have it for the nth time.. This is hurts to watch

    Nevarious XXIXNevarious XXIXPřed 2 hodinami
  • Please give me a phone

    Kamlesh MistryKamlesh MistryPřed 4 hodinami
  • Why you throwed samsung from higher ?

    SuJan LungbaSuJan LungbaPřed 5 hodinami
  • Are you crazy boy ?

    SuJan LungbaSuJan LungbaPřed 5 hodinami
  • I can’t watch it to the end

    Karsta LoweKarsta LowePřed 6 hodinami
  • Love s 21 ultrA

    Sayyar AhmadSayyar AhmadPřed 7 hodinami
  • He slowely drop the i phone

    Sayyar AhmadSayyar AhmadPřed 7 hodinami
  • Bruh my se 2020 slipped from knee height and completely shattered I m sad

    Rhaegar TargaryenRhaegar TargaryenPřed 9 hodinami
  • In Samsung’s defense, all of the force of impact hit the corner first before the rest...

    Yohann Likes McFlurry'sYohann Likes McFlurry'sPřed 10 hodinami
  • Hey bud I just watched your video for the first time I absolutely love the case and like the screen protector for my iPhone 12 Pro Max I just got how do I get them! I have 3 young boys I’m busy all day every day! THANKS

    Jamie LaughmanJamie LaughmanPřed 11 hodinami
  • I love it when the people that spend $2,000 on Samsungs every year get online and shit talk apple users.

    That BitchThat BitchPřed 17 hodinami
  • Please gift me one galaxy❤️😥😥👌👌

    Bhim MagarBhim MagarPřed 18 hodinami
  • Cool ill buy the 12 When 13 relases lol

    Hyptek096Hyptek096Před 18 hodinami
  • Both are nothing compared to the Nokia 3310

    Hyptek096Hyptek096Před 18 hodinami
  • A phone for me to be used for my online class please, thank you so much😪

    Frank ChandlerFrank ChandlerPřed dnem
  • 🤑

    Md AlomgirMd AlomgirPřed dnem
  • Dude if youbare hate the phone just gave it to mee😂

    Kristian ArgaKristian ArgaPřed dnem
  • Please send me one of the phones let me manage it

    Nuel youngNuel youngPřed dnem
  • so many ads to be honest in this video i have must watched atleast 8 if them in the 7 minutes of the video

    Vansh ShahVansh ShahPřed dnem
  • Enikkoru phone tharumo

    20 sports20 sportsPřed dnem
  • Every drop is hurtful. Why?

    Danica CruzDanica CruzPřed dnem
  • Samsung beatifull

    Dani_lup_16Dani_lup_16Před dnem
  • first ı say "its a clikbait" but the iphone suck lol

    Süper CivcivSüper CivcivPřed dnem
  • I wonder how pricey this Titanium will cost. I think Titanium is one of the really durable metals,so I’m sure they it’ll be much more pricy!

    The World: Over HeavenThe World: Over HeavenPřed dnem
  • It's hard to see..😅😅

    이주원이주원Před dnem
  • Give me one smartphone like this 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • try no ipokpok sa ulo mo basag yan

    Jamiel ReconoceJamiel ReconocePřed dnem
  • Hurts so much to watch the best phones or just expensive phone drop, they ain't mine but it pains me

    Sett.Sett.Před dnem
  • That case is tight

    david ludwigdavid ludwigPřed dnem
  • EAP: *samsung breaks* that's some serious damage Also EAP: *looks at the monstrosity that the iphone is* that's only some slight damage

    Alan DelacruzAlan DelacruzPřed dnem
  • But why, why would you do that?

    NinduNinduPřed dnem
  • I would be kinda dumb to not put a case on these two very high end phones but this reassures me that they are both very durable

    NinduNinduPřed dnem
  • Hell0 King After Drop test plzz phone give to me plzzz

  • Kolllam .evde malayali unfo

    SK creationsSK creationsPřed dnem
  • How to unsee😭

    Spook GamingSpook GamingPřed dnem
  • I don't even have the money to watch this video...

    The GuyThe GuyPřed dnem
  • Is that a ducati v4s?

    apa ditapa ditPřed 2 dny
  • ترجمه

    گيگهہ گيگهہگيگهہ گيگهہPřed 2 dny
  • My heart hurts so bad😢💔💔

    Nabbi NuzziNabbi NuzziPřed 2 dny
  • Can i have that phone?hahahha

    Nestor Tejamo jrNestor Tejamo jrPřed 2 dny
  • Samsung galaxy 20

    sks 22sks 22Před 2 dny
  • He forgot to take off the second screen protector on the s21

    Martinez AnimatedMartinez AnimatedPřed 2 dny
  • Good review, but in irl... they usual fall on small edges or pebbles, debri or something

    Asbjørn AndersenAsbjørn AndersenPřed 2 dny
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    Gagi SenicGagi SenicPřed 2 dny
  • Everyone watching the drops .. literally me seeing tht bandage Everytime he takes the mobile on hand

    Kavin MKavin MPřed 2 dny
  • Please give me the fones😭

    Tony tony ChopperTony tony ChopperPřed 2 dny
  • Samsong is korea ‘bn!!!

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  • Ssmsung s21ultra max💪💪

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    Matt TeaMatt TeaPřed 2 dny
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  • This hurts 💔😢lmao

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    Nayjel MarianneNayjel MariannePřed 2 dny
  • iphone is iphone 😊

    Bishnuhari AdhikariBishnuhari AdhikariPřed 3 dny
  • When you go on street, you see hot chick going around you And your iPhone flex mode hit you 3:00 :

    Strange lolStrange lolPřed 3 dny
  • This is like watching Godzilla vs Kong

    Kyle LavineKyle LavinePřed 3 dny
  • A moment of silence for these phones who thought they'd finally have a good life outside of the box

    Kyle LavineKyle LavinePřed 3 dny
  • Give me one phone 🙂

    Your FeelingsYour FeelingsPřed 3 dny
  • Give me a phone

    Abhijith BennyAbhijith BennyPřed 3 dny
  • So now I can use my 12 pro max without a case

    Duck NoDuck NoPřed 3 dny
  • Hlw

    Akash DasAkash DasPřed 3 dny
  • Make the crystal case for the s21 bruh

    ItzRoomyItzRoomyPřed 3 dny
  • yeah, and you'll drop your phone from bed on a rug and it will shutter i 4th dimention

    LucighoLucighoPřed 3 dny
  • iphone is better than Galaxy

    Qudratullah EbrahimiQudratullah EbrahimiPřed 3 dny
  • you do know that the S21 ultra also unlocks with face id right??

    Mitchel SanmiMitchel SanmiPřed 3 dny
  • Bro I have that Samsung I’m trying to destroy it BUT I CANT LOL

    Mohid RBXMohid RBXPřed 3 dny
  • will there be ever be crystal cases for Samsung products?

    Pedro AguilaPedro AguilaPřed 3 dny
  • You monster

    Thandiwe ChilwaneThandiwe ChilwanePřed 3 dny
  • Please give me please

    Aftab AliAftab AliPřed 3 dny
  • Just give me that phone

    W WatheW WathePřed 3 dny
  • What are you people doing with your phones? Get a hefty case.

    Gianni GiumpupGianni GiumpupPřed 3 dny
  • It’s obvious that someone likes their phone case

    Alex WrefordAlex WrefordPřed 3 dny
  • you are half-broken phone from a thousand euros and others do not have bread to eat!

    Rade LazarevicRade LazarevicPřed 4 dny
  • Give me 1 phone 🙏😂 M so poor 😁

    Peter LeezushuPeter LeezushuPřed 4 dny
  • The problem with drop tests is its so controlled, the floor is probably swept clean until it's just perfectly flat concrete. In the real world you drop it on the concrete or ground and there's a tiny pebble that makes contact with your screen first therefore shattering it. They should do real world drop tests on random streets and you'll see a max of 2ft before shattering

    Braden FortunatoBraden FortunatoPřed 4 dny
  • Why is it so satisfying to see the IPhone break but every fall of the Samsung hurts that much?😂

    SallexoSallexoPřed 4 dny
    • Exactly

      TurninRightTurninRightPřed 2 dny
    • Fr

      Yaaqov YashaevYaaqov YashaevPřed 2 dny
    • Yes bruh

      Ns FfxNs FfxPřed 3 dny
    • Drop it dude

      Mohammad JasimMohammad JasimPřed 3 dny
    • I agree with that

      Xmv MysticMythXmv MysticMythPřed 3 dny
  • And now for the real test, accidental drop at 3 ft. In 3, 2, 1.... BOTH FAIL

    Douglass GarveyDouglass GarveyPřed 4 dny
  • Nokia no u

    Chill ovo —Chill ovo —Před 4 dny

  • Samsung

    KubaKubaPřed 4 dny
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  • I am not an apple fan, but the drop test at 6:50 doesn't really do it's justice. The samsung phone landed quite differently which made it absorb much of the impact where as the iPhone landed almost flat down. That's why hand dropping phones during a test is not correct. Really nice video though! They are both strong phones which are proven when you drop them

    SeriksySeriksyPřed 5 dny
  • Do the test where you're grabbing a beer at a bar, your phone slips from your hand, hits the floor and shatters immediately.

    Car BullzoneCar BullzonePřed 5 dny
  • Samsung all the way

    LMAOLMAOPřed 5 dny
  • Ah sh!t, at the last test when he dropped the s21 ultra and the 12 pro max i went like "OOOOOOOOOOUH SH!!!!!!!T"

    ItzChillzzzItzChillzzzPřed 5 dny
  • That was phantom silver the I wish the S21 ultra had aura silver it was a better color

    Leonel OntiverosLeonel OntiverosPřed 5 dny
  • Oh god this is so cringey despite me not owning either of those phones.😆

    Decem_Unos QuattroDecem_Unos QuattroPřed 5 dny
  • *All thanks to sm_hack1 on instagram for helping me to get my free iphone12*

    chizoba danielchizoba danielPřed 5 dny
  • Some people doesnt even have the internet to watch Thisand you are smashing phones for some viewers?

    Akam DavandAkam DavandPřed 5 dny
  • This made my heart hurt because I do have the 12 pro and I’m very active and I drop my phone all day

    lauranna eckerlelauranna eckerlePřed 5 dny
  • La pantalla de s21 ultra está más expuesta a los golpes :( pero no cabe duda de que los 2 son muy resistentes

    Tyler GTTyler GTPřed 5 dny
  • Iphone's expensive but it cracks easily, yeah

    Shinbi's_123Shinbi's_123Před 5 dny
  • Som iphone 12bro max 1 mk b

    Ouk DomOuk DomPřed 5 dny
  • what should I buy 😂😂

    양파링양파링Před 6 dny
  • I can’t finish this video. I’ll have a heart attack 🥲

    Soo MoralesSoo MoralesPřed 6 dny
  • This is so painful to watch 😖

    Joshito GEEK 84Joshito GEEK 84Před 6 dny
  • The good news is my tablet Samsung galaxy 6 and phone Samsung galaxy s8 have LEGIT!!!!!!! Was dropped 15 times higher and they are still no bad cracks OMG THEY ARE SO UNBREAKABLE :O

    ItzFahadplayzItzFahadplayzPřed 6 dny